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The main reason of delaying scientific and technical progress in implementing MSB technology of the RF bit manufacturers is economical. It is caused by a separation of the property of a manufacturer and user of the bits. It is different abroad, where each big company that does mining and sells the ultimate product, such as oil, has a subsidiary bit manufacturing facility. Economic contradiction between the manufacturer and user led to the situation which is now in Russian Federation…



We are fighting for our right cause.
Inventors CBS bits, 2010


To the deputy director of the
Department of oil and gas extraction and
transporting of the Russian Federation
42 Shchepkin Str., build. 1, build. 2
Moscow city, GSP-6, 107996
Copy to: the Chief of Presidential
Administration of Russian Federation
For possible aid in order to provide priority of the 100% CBS bits
Of oil, gas of Russian Federation
Fax: 495-606-09-83

To Your No. 05-078 from 17.02.2010

   We feel very sorry that our offer to the Head of Government of Russian Federation V.V. PUTIN concerning the state support of new generation of rolling cutter drilling tool for intensification of geological prospecting and operational drilling of oil, gas and blast holes in Russia, for the present is not supported by the acting reality of the Department of oil and gas extraction and transporting with reference to Your technically incorrect, in terms of new, substantiation of negative attitude of the Department to the assimilation of CBS technology by the bit plants of Russia, and namely:

   “…we think, that the basic vector (?!) of development of Russian manufacturers of this product… shall be considered the upgrading of PDC –type bit designs…”

   Why is Your choice of “vector” incorrect? Rather ”the vector”, which was “anxiously” suggested to You by some interested people in Russia.

   Because it is impossible to drill harder rock efficiently by PDC bits. This job can be done only by rolling cutter bits. The reason is more than trivial. It is low drilling speed for hard rock. And increasing of the drilling speed due to higher revolutions overheats the diamond teeth more than 900 degrees and they change into the lead for pencils and that is big money down the drain. So, for example, no quarry of Russia, of CIS countries or in world practice drill the blast holes of hard rock by PDC bits, but they drill mostly by rolling cutter bits (see our website www.bit.krivbassinfo.com p. 20 of part “More about us”).

   Historically technical reference.

   The rock destruction method by PDC bits, as well as by obsolete designs of rolling cutter bits with even pitch is a method of “frontal attack” of hard tooth for destruction of hard rock by slipping the tooth against hard rock, i.e. the following principle is observed when drilling : the harder a tooth is, the smaller wearing it will show when slipping against hard rock of the hole during drilling, and therefore the bit will be more efficient and its quality will be better.

   In other words PDC bits differ in no way from the obsolete designs of rolling cutter bits with even pitch in terms of the rock destruction method by teeth that slip against hard rock while drilling holes of any type.

   The only difference is that rolling cutter bits with even pitch during “frontal attack” of hard tooth to destroy hard rock by slipping of a tooth against hard rock was also complicated by tracking, which additionally negates effectiveness of drilling.

   And only for this reason a PDC-bit was invented, by which the microcutting of hard rock by extra hard diamond teeth with their slipping occurs without forming of tracking (and that is all!!!!!). So thanks to the design of PDC bit succeeded to remove the tracking (!!!), which for one hundred years prohibited the process of drilling by rolling cutter bits with even pitch.

   Since diamond is the strongest material, its wearing in the process of slipping by drilling hard rock will be the most minimal compared to wearing of hard-alloyed teeth of rolling cutter bits. Therefore PDC bits for drilling of softer rock will be more efficient in comparison with the obsolete designs of rolling cutter bits with even pitch, for which tracking is always (!!!) an additional property (see photos on website) that essentially restricts the process of drilling oil and gas holes .

   Professor Y. I. Protasov asserts, that rock destruction method by the slipping of extra hard teeth against drilled hard rock, for both PDC bits, and for obsolete designs of rolling cutter bits with even pitch is not the most efficient.

   Obsolete method of rock destruction, which was practiced by the bit world within 100 years from the day of inventing of rolling cutter bit by Hughes (1909), must be changed for controlled blocked spading (CBS or ovebrreak) while drilling according to the patent of the USA 7195086 (CBS –bits or overbreak bits).

   The CBS bits (or overbreak bits) eliminate tracking formation completely not by the continuous slipping of teeth against rock while drilling as by PDC bits, but through the blocked spading of rock destruction by teeth, without slipping (!!!) of teeth against rock while drilling and that assures (theoretically for 100% of CBS bits) a simultaneous increase in footage (m) by 2-3 times, the drilling speed (to 50%), time durability of a bit (to 40%) with decreasing of hard alloyed teeth number to 32 teeth/ bit or 640 g/ bit (see our website www.bit.krivbassinfo.com).

   The inventors understand that said by you “…design improvement of PDC bits…” – as cardinal change of the way of rock destruction method, i.e. conversion to the CBS technology, which considerably differ from the creating of even more expensive extra hard alloys, which will be stronger than diamond, as what bit manufacturers try to do (especially in Japan) at present time, refusing to give up PDC technology of “frontal attack”: slipping tooth – rock..

   The attempt of inventors to develop and to use being the first (!!!) in the world, not anywhere, but in Russia the rolling cutter CBS bits for drilling of oil, gas was a keynote idea, the main aim to appeal to the Head of Government of RF.

   Therefore the Department backing the concept of developing only PDC bits consciously or not, intentionally or not supports (to say it mildly, so as not to offend someone), scientific and technological regress (!!!) in oil gas bit manufacturing of Russian Federation. i. e. promotes the imitative braking of CBS – technology implementation, in order to please some economical forces backing this. I am sure the highly distinguished Mr. V.V.PUTIN would not agree with this, should the information reach him. However, he is extremely busy at the eminent place of the Head of Government of Russian Federation.

   All other your “arguments” and substantiation of “rightness” of the Department mentioned in the answering letter - is the consequence of the mentioned above erroneous technical thinking of the people concerned to the apparatus serving the Government of Russian Federation.

   The letter says:

   If all the bit plants of the world, for example, of the following countries: the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Scandinavian countries etc. do not yet (!) understand the efficiency of CBS -bits, so how can your reference – substantiation to the tender basis and market relations provide the drilling oil-gas branch of industry of Russian Federation with the best rolling cutter bits? Is it possible on the tender basis to choose from the old something absolutely new taking into account “Price/ quality” criterion, when you cannot find that new anywhere (the patent of USA № 7195086 from 2007)?!

   How can you refer to the best quality of rolling cutter bits of Russia in comparison with the foreign ones, when foreign rolling cutter bits are such (!!!) uneffectively related to the future foreign CBS-bits, which do not exist (!!) at present time abroad as well as in Russia?

   How can you say that technical divisions of oil and gas companies would like to perform tests with the old, which from the beginning cuts the way to creating and testing (main vector – is perfecting PDC bits?!), at least several items (!!!) 100% CBS -bits to drill deep oil and gas holes, which will be (that is the inventors’ guarantee!!) 20% cheaper and from 15-20% times the work until failure will be increased, concerning conventional bit with even pitch before it is modernized to work with CBS effect, and as a result, “risk of leaving the bit in the hole will be decreased (!!!)”. Drilling speed will be increased by up to 50% and more compared with PDC bits, and with the obsolete designs of rolling cutter bits with even pitch.

   Let us call a spade a spade.

   The main reason of delaying scientific and technical progress in implementing MSB technology of the RF bit manufacturers is economical. It is caused by a separation of the property of a manufacturer and user of the bits. It is different abroad, where each big company that does mining and sells the ultimate product, such as oil, has a subsidiary bit manufacturing facility. Economic contradiction between the manufacturer and user led to the situation which is now in Russian Federation…

   Separation of property economically induces the manufacturer to be economically interested to decrease footage per bit (in meters), to increase volume of bit sales, and the consumer is interested in the reverse, that is increase of footage (m) per a bit. Regardless of how we play with words – economics will finalize it. Consequently for RF, too efficient CBS bits are in need only for the consumer that uses the bits, but not for the manufacturer of the rolling cutter bits, which are not to blame with such a situation in RF!!

   Efficiency of bits with blocked spading is theoretically forecast a long time ago by professor Y.I.Protasov in his book “Theoretical principles of mechanical destruction of mined rock” (publisher Nedra, 1985), where he states that according to the volume of destruction pure blocked spading differs from pure indent 200 (!!!!) times (see pages 154 and 58). The inventors base efficiency increase of CBS bits just by 2 or 3 times, and the actual number could be even higher, when performing practical tests based on the theory of professor Protasov Y.I.

   Truth criterion of any theory is practice. Only comparative tests of the new items with the conventional ones can answer this question. Having analyzed the current situation in Russia, concerning the issue of creating oil and gas CBS bits will not happen 10 these years. It is pleasant that for the first time in the world, in Russia testing 30% CBS bits were made for drilling blast holes, (although it took much of effort). This priority should be extended and fix by creating oil and gas 100% CBS bits.

   I received a negative response, similar to yours, from the Department of the main industries of Minpromtorg of Russian Federation, who referring to market relations and freedom of contractual ties, explained to me that economical rules under market relations, do not allow even the President of Russian Federation (?!) D.A.Medvedev by orders “to make” bit manufacturers of Russia to transfer to CBS technology and due to the latter fact the correspondence on this question is ceased in hope that market relations of countries and continents will do it themselves.

   I am sure that the positive answer will be given by history in 20 or 50 years, when these market relations and competition will make the bit manufacturing plants to transfer to CBS technology, including Russia. In other words it will be the same story which happened with the Diesel patent, when carburetor guys bought the Diesel patent and hid it for 50 years (!!!).

   Carburetor businessmen were afraid that Diesel engines will decrease their profit (economic reason) from manufacturing and sales of carburetor engines. That was not a technical mistake but direct actions of sabotage under market relations of those times – 100 years ago. As we see, freedom of market relations can hardly mean increased advance of scientific and technical progress, that is why it could happen in opposite.

   That was not a coincidence that back in 1944, when the World War II required an increase of fuel manufacturing for the Victory, there was a special decree in the oil industry about transition to variable pitch to intensify extraction of oil and gas (!!!)”. This fact proves that the inventors chose the right method. In those times of the war the Decree of the oil industry was surely controlled by the General Headquarters. Only due to complexity of manufacturing this decree to transfer to varied pitch was not executed (see out site on tab: Features of the bit – Attention – It is incredible, but it is true).

   That is why I addressed the RF president, RF Prime Minister, understanding that we should execute that Decree of the oil industry suspended for 60 years, controlled by General Headquarters, to transfer to varied pitch for bit manufacturing. But that was not the case.

   It turned out that market relations won for the moment and braked a progress in the oil-gas bit industry for RF.

   In historical aspect I'll warrant that, rewording the known: “Russia will rise from bit's sleep and on wreckages of even pitch our names will be written”.

   The first experimental, only 30% (!!!!) of CBS bits manufactured by bit plants of Russia without falsification (and that happened too) and industrially proved in Lebedinskiy (Russia) and Poltavskiy mining and concentration complexes demonstrated: a simultaneous increase of footage – to +85%, of drilling speed - to +50%, of time durability of bit - to +30% while minimizing of hard alloyed teeth quantity to 6 teeth (120 g/ bit) (see our website).

   On practice the theoretical guarantees were proved concerning the facts we have discussed.

   As a lady from the Department of primary industries of Ministry of commercial trade of RF said preparing for me an answer on behalf of the President of RF: “Why you live in America and behave as if you are a patriot of Russia?”

   Why as if ? I am a patriot of scientific and technical progress both in Russia, and in the whole world. The patriotism is not measured by the place, where you live.

   I think that Russian spirit in the market loses its original Russian, lofty conception of honor, patriotism attaching to them something material.

   And it happened so that I got between a rock and a hard place of patriotism, when one Patriot of America asked me: “Why it is a Patent of the USA, and you try to implement it in Russia?” It offended me and I answered him in a fit of temper:

   Because when I was not understood adequately, when I explained the Patent of the USA, then for more understanding I can use high succinct Russian obscene words at the top of my voice to explain my ideas, and in English, for example, to such companies of the USA: HALLIBURTON, VAREL etc. – can not – so jokingly I could answer his right, in the context of patriotism question. Something new takes time to implement.

   But a hundred years of technical misunderstanding cannot stretch out for ever, when the rolling cutter bits are literally covered with costly hard alloyed metal teeth and only for the purpose to decrease footage (m) by 2-3 times.

   A different matter is that in 1944 they did not know how to make it, but today it is easy, I am sorry, technical stupidity, which is zealously supported through economical background.

   Defending false preconditions it is not necessary to answer me, everything is quite clear now. As far as business is concerned (!!), the inventors are ready to make a presentation while holding a Conference under the aegis of the Department, with participation of representatives of oil and gas companies and bit plants, including the foreign ones, that deliver the oil gas rolling cutter bits into Russia. According to the hopefully adopted Resolution will be manufactured and tested the CBS-bits for drilling of oil and gas holes by means of, for example, “finances of anti crisis measures of Russia” and receiving guaranteed in practice parameters of improving of the new against the old, they can be given to the whirlpool of market relations both in Russia and in oil-gas bit world in the world.

   Thank you for your attention. I wish you, who due to necessity became a participant in advancing of something absolutely new in a bit history of RF – success.

Faithfully yours, Inventor of the USSR
V.A. Lytvynenko

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