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Upon the expiry of 100 years from the date of invention of roller bit we developed a new dynamic theory of interaction of roller bit with the bottom hole!Dynamic theory of interaction of roller bit with the bottom hole while boring, which shows actual complicated interaction processes of the bit with bottom hole in mathematical language, allows calculating the cost-performance ratio of boring and manufacturing of roller bits with mathematical precision at the design stage.

The “trial and error” methods, and also methods of all possible statistical and probability modeling while development of more efficient rolling cutter drilling tool have passed with no hope of return.

It is time for precise mathematical calculation of roller bits, designed for boring of rock of any strength, similar to calculation of electrical circuits based on theory of electricity, for example Ohm’s Law.

What could occur if electrical circuits of electrical units would have been calculating by "trial and error" methods, without understanding, for example, the theory of Ohm’s Law, that the current in electrical circuit is equal to the current divided by circuit resistance. In the case of 220V voltage the circuit resistance is 110 ohm. Current intensity is 220:110 = 2 A. That’s all!!! Not any dispersion, peculiar to any probability, statistical systems.

The bottom line of created dynamic theory of interaction of roller bit with the bottom hole is creating of rolling cutter drilling tool, providing extra rock destruction while boring holes for extraction of oil, gas, blast holes, and which is protected by US patent No 7-195-086 dated March 27, 2007, and also international РСТ patents in different counties and continents.

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While boring with extra destruction roller bit, the cost-performance boring ratio are significantly increasing, i.e. the boring speed (m/min), footage (m) and durability (h), are simultaneously increasing, and the cost for manufacturing of roller bit is decreasing due to saving of cutter’s hard-alloyed equipment.

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